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Chorvoq Oromgohi Resort
Pyramids Charvak - Recreation Area Charvak Oromgohi. Uzbekistan  
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Гостиница Chorvoq Oromgohi. Фотографии

Гостиница Chorvoq Oromgohi. Фотографии

Пирамиды Чарвак - зона отдыха Чарвак Оромгохи. Бронирование, цены. Узбекистан


Resort Chorvoq Oromgohi, Hotel

208 bedrooms / air conditioning / bath and shower / satellite TV.

Three big pyramids of "Chorvoq Oromgohi" resort are located on the left not steep shore of Charavak reservoir (Charavak Sea) in Tien Shan Mountains. The reservoir is formed by debouchments of three mountain rivers: Pskem, Koksu and Chatkal. When the reservoir is filled to its full capacity, the water nears to 2 billions cubic meters, the area of its surface is 40 square kilometers, and the length of coastline is about 70 km. "Chorvoq Oromgochi" complex is an all-the-year-round resort. The sandy beach with its length of 800 meters is located close to the hotel's buildings.

The hotel houses several well equipped conference halls up to 50 and 100 persons. There is also business-center at the hotel, which provides such services as Internet access, e-mail, fax, copying, text typing and other secretary services.

Price for accommodation at the hotel

Chorvoq Oromgohi 


Pyramids Charvak - Recreation Area Charvak Oromgohi. Uzbekistan Look-see

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