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Bogiston village
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Bogiston (Bogustan) village of Brichmulla-Nanai area.

Bogiston (Bogustan) village is a birthplace of two prominent figures of Tashkent history: Sheikh Hovendi at-Tahur (Sheihantaur), who was born at the end of 13th century and Sheikh Uboydullo Khodja Ahror (1404-1490). Sheihantaur came from the family of Saints (Khodja), who were the offspring of Muhammad prophet. His father, Sheikh Omar, is believed was the direct descendant in the seventeenth generation of the second godly caliph Omar ibn al-Hattab and was the devoted Sufi, one of the followers of dervish Hasan Bulgari. Bogiston village belongs to the Brichmulla-Nanai area, which incorporates villages situated in the south-east of the Charvak water reservoir at 960 m above sea level of western extremity of the Koksu ridge (West Tien Shan). Population of the village is about 2000 people. A great majority of population are ethnic Tajiks. The villages of Brichmulla-Nanai area have well kept traditions and customs of mountain Tajiks. The dish "Hashkak", the honey with nuts and "Urosh", the yogurt with spices can be called as distinctive feature of cookery. Bogiston is located near 120 km far from Tashkent. The roads are paved with asphalt and suitable for buses. There are two ways of reaching the village from the town of Gazalkent located 57 km from the capital city of Uzbekistan: Via the dam of the Charvak water reservoir; via pass Melovoy and the Chimgan recreation area. On the picture: Nearby Bogiston village.

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